Add/View/Update Records Screen:

This is the record detail screen that is displayed for adding/viewing or modifying records. When a record is selected from the browse screen, the "Previous" and "Next" buttons are enabled on this screen (which allow you to move to the next and previous detail record).

The "Images" button will display a screen that will allow you to add an attachment to the record (i.e. a scanned copy of the marriage certificate or any other supporting documents).

If the user does not wish to use all of the fields shown on this screen, there is an option in the "Table Maintenance" screen do disable the fields you do not wish to use.

Images/Attachments Screen:

attachments1.gif (4191 bytes)

Open Button: Displays the selected document with an option to "Print" to document.
Add Attachment: Display the screen shown below to select the image file you wish to attach to the record and give the item a description that will display in the attachments screen.

attachments2.gif (2944 bytes)